The Power of

In the movie series and the books on Star Wars, the Jedi is a warrior with superior skills. For those looking for freelance writers with superior skills, is the one. Among all the freelance writing sites on the web there awaits one special site for students who need help with papers they need to write. This site is

What make so different? Two things – live chat with your writer and the quality/time guarantee. Let’s take a look at and these factors. Whatever type of writing, editing or proofing you need, you will find it at They do papers, articles, annotated bibliographies and creative writing.

Order Your Paper

It is simple to use the site. You list your project in a few sentences and then wait for writers to respond. As the offers come in from the writers, you can choose one just by price or you can ask questions before deciding.

Talk to Your Writer

This is the first thing that sets aside from other freelance writing sites. You can chat with your writer live about your project and get a feel for their skills and understanding of your needs. Or you can discuss your project by email. Whichever works best for you. Most writing sites keep you separated from your writer.


Unlike almost any other provider of writing services,, offers you a guarantee. This is both a guarantee of time and quality. The commitment of to honesty and integrity is impressive in this line of business. Quality is an absolute commitment here. If a writer does not think you have given them enough time to do the job write, then they will refuse the job. You only pay when you are satisfied.


Writers are bidding on your project so you get the best possible price for the time and quality that you want. It might be $7 a page, $10 a page or even $20 a page for certain projects.

Given all of this is certainly the cream of the crop and a jedi among writing sites.