Ivoryresearch.Net Is There When You Need Them

As a college student these days you need a little help once in a while. Where can you turn? There are many online companies that scream at you they can help. But can they? The answer is that some of them can and some of them can’t. Ivoryresearch.net is one of those who can.

Why would we say that? The services ivoryresearch.net offers at a high quality for a reasonable price are all the reasons we need. Just what is it that they offer? The package offered by ivoryresearch.net includes papers of any kind and any level of difficulty, a team of professional writers, many kinds of services, free items, 24/7, money back guarantee and privacy guarantee.

The Guarantees

Ivoryresearch.net offers their customers several types of guarantees. These include a guarantee against plagiarism. They guarantee that all their articles and papers are 100% original and they use the most sophisticated software available to assure this. Then Ivoryresearch.net guarantees the quality of the work based on the fact that all of their writers are professionals with degrees in various academic areas and a strong knowledge of how academic papers are written.

Other Offers

24 hour a day, 7 days a week, Ivorysearch.net offers Customer Support to their customers. Privacy is also guaranteed and there is an overall money back guarantee if the customer cannot be satisfied.


Unlike many other freelance writer sites ivorysearch.net does not post a list of prices. They believe in working with each individual customer to establish the most legitimate price. Factors included in the decision include the kind of paper it is – academic, thesis, dissertation, the number of pager/words in the total assignment, the academic level of the assignment – is it for undergrad, masters or doctorate, and finally when do you have to have it – what is the deadline.

A good example of this is that a standard topic with an outline for undergrads and master level students is $59.99 for 500 words. The same 500 words for a postgraduate student toward a dissertation and PhD is$119.98. This price includes research aim, justification, literature review, data analysis, appropriate methodology and compilation. Prices can change for extended research or more detailed outlines.


With these guarantees and prices, it is no wonder that ivorysearch.net is one of the best research writing sites.