How to Decide What Essay Writing Service to Use

How do you decide where to go when you need assistance with essay writing? When you are backed into a corner and need a quick response how do you choose? If you know you have a big assignment coming up and you need help with it, who doyou choose when you have a whole month to get this done?

Choosing an essay writing service is not the easiest thing one will do while in college. There are so many companies online how do you decide? There are some basics you should look at in purchasing essay writing, including originality, timeframes, costs and guarantees.

Let’s look at two distinct essay writing service firms in these areas. The firms we are looking at are and


Originality is a vital component of any good essay writing service. This means the writer is not plagiarizing or copying anyone else’s work or writing. You should get a guarantee on this because the company should be using software to check it. vs

Custom-written papers only – 100% plagiarism-free

100% custom essays that are plagiarism-free – custom written papers


The time it takes any essay writing service to produce your essay is a critical component of your choice of firms. You need your paper when you need it. Your deadline is not flexible. vs

Guaranteed Deadline Delivery – Timely delivery

Rush 3 hour Delivery Offered – 8 hour shortest delivery

Clearly there are some advantages to over if you need your product in less than 8 hours. You can also have a 6 hour delivery. Obviously both the 3 and 6 hour offerings are at an extra cost.


Of course cost is of importance to any college student undergrad or postgraduate. Every essay writing service gives discounts and there are a variety of them. For our purposes we will look at the basic price for a couple items and then similar discounts. vs

24 hr Undergrad

$39.95 – $23.00

24 hr. Masters

$42.95 – $27.00

24 hr. PhD or Professional

$46.95 – $35.00

3 hr. Urgent

$46.95 – 52.85 – not offered

6 hr Urgent

$42.95 – 49.95 – not offered

Well you can see that is cheaper. However they do not offer you any short term options. Timeframes start at 8 hours. One thing to remember here is with these essay writing services you get what you pay for.

Guarantees vs

Founded in 1997 – Founded in 2010

17 years experience – 4 years experience

Plagerism and Privacey Guarantees – Plagerism and Privacey

Delivery Time Guarantee – Delivery Time Guarantee

24/7 support – 24/7 support

Direct Contact with Writer – No Direct Contact w/Writer

100% satisfaction guarantee – Partial Refund w/agree

You can see some very substantial differences between these essay writing service guarantees. Rushessay has 13 years more experience than does and they offer direct contact with your writer while freshessay does not. Finally offers 100% satisfaction guarantee while you have to justify a partial rewrite or refund with

So use these examples when deciding on an essay writing service. Compare many different services on these same criteria and then make your choice. This process will help you to make the best possible choice of an essay writing service.