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Hiring a Top Notch Essay Writer

There are times when college students – undergraduates, graduates and postgraduates will need help with an assignment and might look to hire an essay writer. With all the possibilities online between the essay writing companies and the free-lance writers, how do you go about hiring the best one?

Hiring a top notch essay writer might take a little research but if you are serious about getting one of the really excellent writers, it will be time well spent. For in addition to wanting the best quality there are other things to consider. Cost is always a consideration for anyone at any level of academic pursuits. Then you would also be concerned with how quickly your essay writer could complete your project and finally would it be guaranteed.

There are positive and negative answers to each of these issues depending upon which company or essay writer you are dealing with. Knowing that you don’t have the same protections in respect to guarantees with freelancers as you do with any company or site that either employs the essay writer or contracts with them as independent writers, we will only look at companies.

What does this essay writing service have to offer you in terms of hiring a top notch essay writer? What are the credentials and qualifications of their writers and what is the cost?

According to their website the essay writer for this company is a business or academic professional with years of experience in essay writers. They are also all English speaking United States residents. However unlike other sites that we will show you, they do not claim any particular academic credentials for their essay writer. does however over unlimited revisions and a money back guarantee. In terms of costs, they have more categories and more variables than most other sites and it can be confusing to sort out. An essay writer producing a masters level 300 word essay in anywhere from 8-23 hours cost $45.00. Now let’s consider another site.

What does this essay writing service have to offer you in terms of hiring a top notch essay writer? What are the credentials and qualifications of these writers and do they cost?

According to the website their writers are academic U.S. writers only and have been since 1995. They claim to have the largest number of academic and experienced essay writers of any web based company. They have worked with the same team of writers since 1995 and each writer has no less than 12 years’ experience as an academic essay writer. All of their writers have at minimum 4 year college degrees and many have advanced degrees in the fields they write in.

You can see that the quality of writing from this company is likely to be far superior to that of So do they cost considerably more? They charge $19.95 per page with a 5 day timeframe. For a 5 day timeframe charges from $28.00 for a high school essay to $38.00 for a PhD level essay.

It would appear that would be the better option for hiring a top notch essay writer at a reasonable price.