Do You Need Help with Essay Writing?

Do you find yourself in a bind to get the research done on your paper and get it written by the due date? Not wanting to jeopardize your GPA (Grade Point Average) you ask around for help, and friends tell you to use an essay writing company.

What is an Essay Writing Service?

Across the internet you will find a wide variety of essay writing firms that are there to help college students and young professionals – whether undergraduates or doctoral candidates – by producing quality researched and written essays.

There is a lot of diversity among these companies in terms of who does the essay writing, what does it cost, what guarantees are there, what timeframes are offered and much, much more. It takes just a little comparison between firms to decide what is needed and which firm you choose to use.

Isn’t This Cheating?

Isn’t it cheating to hire someone else to research and write your college papers no matter what level you are in? No it is not. Students have always been known to hire research assistance when very large or complicated papers or projects are due.

Your essay writing firm is simply acting as your library and providing you with the research needed on your assignment. You can then decide if you need to write the paper yourself from the researched one provided or turn in the paper they wrote.

If you use the paper as the foundation of your work it is not cheating. If you turn it is as they wrote it without changing anything and claiming you wrote it that would indeed be cheating. Take the essay writing prowess of a service and make it the foundation of your work. Make your simple changes to their paper and make it your own.

The paper they write for you is very much like the paper your professor or TA distributes to give you an idea of what the assignment it. The difference and the major advantage of the service is that they have written a paper exactly to your topic and not the generic example your TA gave you.

Is it Expensive?

Whether or not an essay writing service is expensive depends somewhat on your perspective of what is expensive. Some firms are 10 to 20 dollars more than others, but you have to check their guarantees and what you are buying for that money.

For instance one firm might charge $7 per page for a 5 page document while another might charge over $120 for the same essay. You want to find a happy medium between the best product and the best price.

Is it guaranteed?

Once again you will find a lot of variety. One site will have 100% service guarantee while another will have a variety of qualifications on its refunds. You can have a partial refund or 100% replacement of the document depending upon which essay writing firm you choose.


Many college students need a little help with all their writing assignments and that is what the essay writing industry is there for. It is not a replacement for the student’s own learning and writing, but rather assistance with research and a sample of the kind of paper you should be producing.